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Friday, June 27, 2008

Check Alex Shonkoff's First Public Photo Shows!

Saul Williams 4x6 by Alex Shonkoff

My photographer friend Alex Shonkoff is in the midst of her first gallery showing at Squat & Gobble (3600 16th St. at Market in San Francisco). Exciting stuff! The exhibit features eight black and white pieces; and runs until July 16. So show your support and check her out.

She's TALENTED, driven and, not to mention, a super nice girl. She's unlike so many of the bitchy, back-stabbing, peeps I met in J-school; i.e. she's banking on her actual talent. There's another reason to check her out!

P.S. She'll also have three (yet-to-be-determined :) pieces included in the The Space Gallery (1141 Polk St. in San Francisco) showing this Saturday. Unfortunately I'll be out of town. But if you're in the area you should go!


Morgan said...

Why does her name sound familiar?

Jen said...

She's on my Myspace page. Maybe that's why?

Alex said...

Awww, Jen, you are so sweet to promote my show! And I appreciate your notion that I'm actually talented, and not a bitch. :)

Anonymous said...

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