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Friday, June 13, 2008

Today Around the Blogosphere...

A Utah-based company is selling a Barack Obama monkey doll, which it is calling "The Sock Obama." The company says it wasn't intended to be racist but....


NY Magazine
has more info.
Also, here's "The Sock Obama" Web site.
I guess winning an Oscar and being in the industry for decades isn't enough. Jon Voit, you're still never going to be anything more than Angelina Jolie's dad...

[Click to Enlarge]

in the eyes of But congrats for "landing a role on Fox's smash hit 24." It pales in comparison to all the things your daughter's doing. For one, she's about to have twins with, whom some would say is, the sexiest man on the planet. Twins! Brad Pitt!

It looks like some one's going to have to get up a little earlier in the morning if he wants his own identity.
So ridiculous. But I'll play along, and go with definitely NOT Charlie Sheen. Look at his mug in the picture Us chose.
Aside from all the Denise drama, and his history with high-priced prosties and drugs, I think that photo is going to hurt his standing in the poll. [Us]

Oh look, it already has.

Wow! He's doing even worse than I expected.

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Flocke said...

sock Obama? Unbelievable!