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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Today Around the Blogosphere...

Due to that stupid shit she said, actress Sharon Stone, 50, has been banned from the Shanghai International Film Festival, set to take place June 14-22, 2008. [People]

Mary-Kate Olsen, 21, still refuses to comment on how she was the first person called after Heath Leger was found dead in his apartment in January. She sat down with Elle for its July issue and said: "I'm not going to comment on that. I won't give you a word about that in the nicest way possible. Let's move on."[People]

Fair enough. But that means I can continue to speculate that she's a druggie with something to hide.

That said, I've yet to read the article in Elle. I'll get back to you about it after my blogosphere posting.

Images via People and Elle.
Kelsey Grammer, 53, was released from the hospital on Wednesday after suffering a minor heart attack last weekend. [Us]

See my previous posting for more details.


More mercenary whoreage. Avril Lavigne, 23, is said to be launching a fragrance line, directed toward her teen fans, in 2009. [People]

Image via Aisha Music.


Celebrity reality star and former rehab patient Brigitte Nielson (who also did a stint with Flava Flav) is going to have her face serviced, i.e. she's getting the plastic surgery works.

I kinda think she needs to.

The 45-year-old Danish-born giantess said: “I’m doing a complete overhaul, a basic renovation, facelift, eyelift, facial fat injections with my own fat, liposuction and I need new teeth." [People]

Oh yeah, and she's having it all done on TV (shocker), which means she won't have to pay for it.

"I feel like 30 and I want to look it, too,” Nielson added. Isn't having unrealistic expectations supposed to be a red flag for surgeons? Doesn't that mean it's unethical to operate on her?

Whatevs. We know all that moral talk is BS. Case in point.

Nielson seems like a good sport. I hope she winds up looking better.

"German broadcaster RTL will show three episodes of Turning Something Old Into Something New: Brigitte Nielsen in the Celebrity Beauty Clinic in July." [People]

Image via



Morgan said...

Dude check out this link look at the first pic, Ashley's pupils are f-ing tiny I was reading somewhere that it is a tell tale sign that someone is doing heroine. I bleieve you called that one.

Morgan said...

Jen said...

I've heard that's a tell-tale sign too. For some reason when I click on a picture of that site it doesn't let me enlarge it. I believe you though.

Jen said...
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Jen said...

OK I also found the pics on Just Jared