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Monday, June 30, 2008

Phew, Courtney Love is Still Crazy

With all that talk about how she's suicidal because somebody stole Kurt Cobain's ashes from her house, I wasn't sure if Courtney Love was still crazy. I'm glad to see she is.

She's also sexy as hell.

You're rockin' the one shoe, while picking at your foot in a shopping cart, look, girl! Don't let anyone tell you that's weird or gross. Cause, frankly, it is. But hey, you're Courtney Love. And that's the kind of shit we all expect from you. Besides, you're only 43, practically a kid. You can still get away with it.

Additional Note: Earlier this month, Love claimed Cobain's ashes were stolen. The remains were said to be stored in pink bear-shaped bag in a closet at her Hollywood home.

Now how stupid is she going to feel when she remembers she moved the ashes to the troll-shaped purse, hidden in her sock drawer?
Just sayin'.

Images via Drunken Stepfather.