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Monday, June 23, 2008

Plaid is Rad, Man

If you're a lumberjack, the late Kurt Cobain or... Mary-Kate Olsen, 21. The mini-mogul celebrated (along with Nicole Richie, 26, and Joel Madden, 29) in, 90's grunge, style at some random house party.

The night's reveries included: Puffing cigarettes.

Beating on a piñata crafted by crack heads.
Posing with a fellow fugly duckling.

Pretend imminent cupcake eating.
Staring at a puddle of, what looks like, barf or bile.

And making me feel really bad for this dog.

Also, Richie wanted you to know, instead of booze, she opted to drink water. Smart Water.

For more pictures visit ONTD.

Update: Ok so these pictures may have been taken a while ago. That "Fugly Duckling" in the picture with MK is reportedly her EX-Boyfriend Max Snow (i.e. some dude related to Uma Thurman). Apparently the two broke up in November 2007. So, that's probably the time frame we're looking at for these photos.