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Monday, June 30, 2008

Sienna Miller's Secret Affair with Married Oil Heir

News of the World is calling Sienna Miller a big ol' homewrecker. It alleges: "The rampant movie beauty has been enjoying ROMANTIC NIGHTS with actor and dad-of-four Balthazar Getty (MARRIED, multi-millionaire oil heir). [News of the World]

[Getty gazes at Miller on hotel terrace.
INSET: Getty with his wife Rosetta]

"The besotted pair have been holed up together day and night in Hollywood after his heartbroken wife fled the country with their kids.

"Despite playing a cat and mouse game to stay out of the headlines they have been spotted secretly meeting at restaurants near their hillside hideaway.

"In one rendezvous on Thursday, 26-year-old Miller drove to a restaurant while former heroin addict Getty, 33, even cycled there to try to avoid being spotted with her."

[Miller leaves Terroni restaurant alone with leftover pizza.]

[Getty waits until she's gone.]

"Now Getty's clothes designer wife Rosetta has run away to Italy with their four children —the youngest born only eight months ago—after rumbling her wandering husband."

[Getty's SUV and Miller's Lexus parked at a "secret" hideaway]

A source says: "Even though Balthazar loves his wife and children he cannot stay away from her. But Rosetta found out about them and has now fled to Italy.

"She can't believe her husband could do this to her. The whole family now know and everybody is devastated."


Miller and her former fiancée Ryhs Ifans (Notting Hill, Little Nicky) broke up a few weeks ago. Mind you that was right around the time Miller told Elle (UK): . "I totally love Rhys, but most of all, he’s my best friend. He makes me laugh. Not just a little laugh - he can completely floor me laughing. When his name is mentioned, it makes me smile like a fool because I instantly think of him and it makes me happy."

Very shortly after that interview Miller kicked Ifans's ass to the curb because she caught him going through her text messages or something stupid.

All of them: HO BAGS!!!

For more details visit News of the World.
Photos and info. courtesy News of the World via ONTD.