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Friday, June 6, 2008

Candy Spelling Wins $180,000 Playing the Slots

Who says life's not fair? Aaron Spelling's widow Candy Spelling won a reported $180,000 while gambling in Vegas last weekend.

According to TMZ, Spelling, who is worth around $600 million, was playing the high limit slots (up to $1,000 a pull) at the Bellagio hotel when she hit the jackpot.

This was the second big Bellagio win for Spelling, who already won $200,000 playing the slot machines last June!


It's even worse than when (2004) J.LO's mom won 2.4 million on a $3 bet in Atlantic City. At least in her case she has a gaggle of Puerto Rican relatives to put through college.

Spelling's so stingy her daughter had to throw a garage sale.

What lucky ass bastards should look like.

Pictured: Robert and Tonya Harris, i.e. the couple who seemed none too thrilled about their $164 million Mega Millions lottery win in February.

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