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Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Fugs Come Out: Palms Place Hotel Opening

Wow! The grand opening for the for the Palms Place Hotel & Spa really brought out the fugs on Saturday.

You've got your Sunset Tan crew fug.

Tip for the girl in back: your orange hair isn't supposed to be the same color as your skin.

Moving on to your Verne Troyer fug.

Sakes alive!! There's this guy fug.

"Snap into a Slim Jim!"

Apparently his name's Ken Dillon. And the sad thing is he's serious with that hair.

You've got your "it doesn't get much more fug," Khloe Karadashian and LaToya Jackson.

A close second to...

...the Linda Hogan and (maybe) boyfriend fug.

Then there's your "normally-less-fug" Jessica Simpson, sans Tony Romo.

Her vacuous stare belies her deep philosophical pondering.

There's your your run-of-the-mill Ian Ziering fug.

And the newly dumped Sarah Larson fug.

(Okay so she's actually hot. But DUMPED, mind you. DUMPED).

I'm coming to grips with the omnipresence of the girl on the right. But Lo "Hatchet-Face" Bosworth and her fug need to giddyup on outta here.

And where the hell was Speidi?! I can't believe it'd miss a photo op like this.

Images via, iEntertainment, Gossip Girls and Hotarazzi.


Morgan said...

Of all the peeps at Sunset tan, the Olly girls are them most normal looking.

Jen said...

For sure. They're actually cute.

Jen said...
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