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Monday, June 2, 2008

Chelsea Handler on "The Tonight Show"

My favorite (quasi) drunk--Chelsea Handler, 33-- was on Leno tonight.

It wasn't a particularly memorable appearance (if anything it was annoying), but go on with your bad self. I chalked it up to nervousness.

Part 1:

Part2: Ignore the commercial at the end. That was crappy "editing" on my part.


In other tenuously related news, I read Handler had vaginal rejuvenation surgery to please her rich CEO boyfriend. However I'm basing that on a blind item, so it's not necessarily accurate. Minor detail.


Morgan said...

I love CH, when she is in town we should go.

Jen said...

Totally. Let's hope she makes it up our way.

Jen said...

Cobbs maybe. But not anytime soon. I checked their schedule on Sunday.

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