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Monday, June 2, 2008

The Other Half Gets $15 Million for Baby Pictures

Apparently we live in a world where magazines shell out $15 million for the exclusive rights to effing baby pictures.

Word around the sphere is, People and OK! Magazine are in a bidding war over the first pictures of Brangelina's imminently due twins. Reportedly the bid is up to $15 million, and it could be on the rise.

Whatever the going rate, it'll go to charity. And to that I say, that money would have been better spent as a down payment on a yacht. A nice, new (not to mention big) yacht.

People paid around $4 million for the first pics of Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, 2, back in 2006. And in March, pics of JLo and Skeletor's twins fetched between $5 million-to-$6 million. [DListed] How measly.

I would seriously get knocked-up and pop out a baby to take pictures of for a fraction of that. $100,000? I'm there. I'm eventually going to have kids anyway. Have your people call my people, uh, People.

Image via The Huffington Post.

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