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Friday, August 1, 2008

Lucille Bluth is in New 90210 Spin-Off!

So this is the cast photo for the new 90210 spin-off. [Click to Enlarge]

At first glance I thought the woman in the chartreuse (ish) power suit was Judge Judy. But then I realized, that's Lucille Bluth (Jessica Walter) from Arrested Development! What's she doing there?!

When I was eight I liked Beverly Hills, 90210 as much as the next person. (I even had Donna and Brenda Barbie-type dolls.) But I don't get why everyone wants to bring it back sooo bad.

Tell me, what's the appeal?

Image via USA Today.


Morgan said...

I am totally still going to watch

Jen said...

What makes you want to tune in?

Morgan said...

I pretty much will give unrealistic teen drama a chance if it blows Ill stop watching it. Also it comes on after my favorite show, so I am down. I like to see what Lauri Loughlin is up to.

Jen said...

I guess I should have known. You do love you some teen dramas :)I like Laurie Loughlin too.