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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Selena Gomez Has a (Really) Young Mom

I peeped this picture of Selena Gomez, 16, and her mom Mandy Teefey in the latest issue of People.

And according to Teefey's published age, 32, she had Gomez when she was at the ripe-old-age of Jamie Lynn Spears, i.e. 16 or 17 years old. It makes sense (no judgment).

And really, could they be more adorable?


Morgan said...

I totally saw that in People, I was like huh... and she is a Disney Girl. Selena is really pretty compared to the fug miley.

Aymswill said...

I don't know about you - but I'm not okay with everyone being "okay" with teenager pregnancy. Kinda like that new "American Teenage Girl" or whatever. Like...No? Sorry

I'm 19 &&_I am not pregnant, and my Twin doesn't want to be pregnant. Lol Actually we're both gay. Silly people.

Jen said...

Morgan: Poor Miley :(. And damn it I did the People scans,so you wouldn't have to buy it.

Aymswill: There's kinda a WTF? undertone w/the whole teenage pregnancy thing though. Ex. I think most people think there's a good chance Jamie Lynn Spears effed up her career.

I'm feeling pretty damn old at 24. But nope, still not ready for kids.

And if a man can get pregnant, so can you and your twin. :)

Morgan said...

I get it in the mail my mom pays for it. I have issues with teen pregnancy as well. I don't understand why it seems like every show on tv has some sort of story line regarding it and they always keep the kid. Hello there are some many teenagers who also don't keep the kid, why dont they put that into the shows...

Kathryn said...

So I also have a thing with teenage pregnancy.... I think it isn't okay with babies raising babies... Im 21 and I know I cannot even take care of myself let alone for a screaming infant... Also I'm pretty sure if i had a child it would be a shit disturber... so no thanks I'll wait until Im at least 52... Also Morgan stop bagging on Miley... you know you are just jealous!!!!

Jen said...
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Jen said...

Morgan: Okay, well I'm glad to hear that you didn't go buy it :).

You bring up a good point with teenagers keeping their kids on TV. I didn't even think of that. I think it'd more realist, if they portrayed the other angle. And it might actually help teens, who are living the experience. But then the show would have to grapple with the wrath of the pro-lifers. (It's ironic that many of them are so hostile.)Still, it's worth doing.

Kathryn: I feel you. And yeah your kid might be a shit disturber.:) But my kid could probably drink him/her under the table.

And I'll let you and Morgan duke out the Miley situation.

Jen said...

I meant it's worth it to do a show, that portrays the other side. Part of my previous comment is worded kinda ambiguously.

YoungTeenGirl said...

I think that teenage pregnancy has it's ups and it's downs, for example...
- You have a baby to love and care for.
- It makes most people feel grown up.
- You miss out on your education if you have to drop out.
- The baby will almost certainly wake you up at silly hours every night.
- You can't always go to your parties because you have to look after your baby.
- (mainly for girls but sometimes guys) Your boyfriend/partner might not stay with you if you have a baby and they don't want one yet.

Those are only a few of each side of the story. I guess it kinda depends on how the mother deals with it. I just hope that teenage mums learn that looking after their baby is their most important priority as well as being able to give their child the essentials, whether that means asking your parents to help nanny your baby while you get a part-time job or education.

TeenMum said...

I am 17 and I have a beautiful pair of 4 year old twins. My son is called James Jr, after his dad. My daughter's name is Mariah. This is significant to my story because my ex-boyfriend, the father of my twins, left me when I was 5 months pregnant. Then he came back to me a few weeks before the births and he chose the names. 2 months later, he left again, this time for good. Now, James Jr says to me "Daddy. Where is Daddy? My name is Daddy's name" I hate having to tell him "Daddy left and isn't coming back. But we will be ok." I find it hard because I can't get my education back yet and I thought that I had it all planned out at 13. I was way off. I have other accounts of the same kind of situation, like my friends...
Laura, 16:
- 1 yr old triplets
- Can't cope even with working boyfriend.
Daisy, 17:
- 5 month old baby boy
- Can't cope even with help from parents.
Nikki, 18:
- 4 yr old twin girls
- Can't cope, no boyfriend, but part-time job at her kids daycare center.
Tiffany, 19:
- Had triplets in womb but one was miscarried because she was 16 when she gave birth and her body obviously wasn't ready for it
- Can just about cope with working boyfriend, helpful parents and part-time job.
So, sometimes, your body won't be ready for giving birth. You may think you have it all planned and your life would seem perfect because you have the following:
- Your boyfriend's word that he will love, care and get a job for the baby
- You will ship your baby off to your parents' house every weekday so you can go to work/school, until they are old enought to go to a daycare center or school
- You will buy an apartment or live with your/his parents.
That's what we all thought. It almost never happens. So you may think that you have it all planned but the likely-hood is that is won't work out the way you thought it would.

MumOf7 said...

You two make a point about teenage pregnancies, and I understand because I am 24 and my first child was born when I was 14, but I now have seven kids!! :
- Molly, 10
- Joanie, 9
- Robbie, 7
- Jade, 7
- Tommy, 5
- Ellen, 3
- Freddie, 1
I love all of my kids and their father, now my fiance, has been with me through all of it. He is three years older than me so had left school and got a full time job that paid well enough so we could give our children the essentials and get our own house when the eldest went to school and the others went to my parent or his. We have been able to buy them quite a lot more than people thought we could have and I love being part of a big family. I coped. Quite a few others can. I think that if you want children as a teen, do what I did and try babysitting either for neighbours or young neices/nephews for a few months first so you really know what it will be like. I hope my story doesn't encourage/discourage people to go through a teen pregnancy.

Anonymous said...

On the thing about TV shows highlighting the teens keeping all their kids, there is only one show I've seen that addresses giving up the baby. Degrassi. She gave up the kid for adoption and lives with it forever. BUT went to college blah blah blah. It was good. And I've been watching this show for a long time.

Anonymous said...

While I don't encourage teenage pregnancy, you shouldn't judge people who became pregnant when they were teens. My mom had me when she was 16 and we are doing fine thank you very much. I don't do drugs, I'm in college and I am definitely not ready to have a baby.

Anonymous said...

I'm 30years old and my daughter is 14 turning 15 in December, I had her when I was 16 and I raised a great girl she has great grades and never gets in trouble. I've alwayse been there for her as well as her daddy (My Hubby)...we are young parents, we love our kids and are very responsible and we give the best to them everyday. so please don't judge a teen mom, because just because they have a baby at a young age, does'nt mean that they will be a horrible parent.