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Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Best and Worst of the MTV Movie Awards 08

The celebrity red carpet arrivals at the MTV Awards shows are always exciting. Anything can happen. In previous years we've seen Snoop Dogg accompanied by two women wearing dog collars and chains, Rose McGowan wearing next to nothing with Marilyn Manson by her side. And Jim Carey dressed and acting like a stoned, drunk hippie. Am I forgetting anyone? Didn't P. Diddy Daddy show up in a tank one time?

Anyway, because of the aforementioned, I found it fitting to give you the best, weird and worst at this year's Movie Awards.

(FYI: Prepare yourself for an underwhelming post)

The Best: Slim Pickins' [Click to Enlarge Any of the Pics]

The Hills' Audrina Patridge. Could she lose a few lbs.?

Image via Just Jared.

Someone's sure to disagree with me, but I think Emma Stone's (Superbad) dress is flirty and fun. Did I really just write "flirty" and "fun?" Gag me with a peacock feather.

Getty Images.

The Weird:

Sarah Jessica Parker (an odd egg on her own) poses with the even crazier Cruises. Katie's eyes be looking wonky.

Image via Just Jared.

Speidi. Does he ever not look heinous?

Image via Just Jared.

I can't decide if this look is good or bad. (I'm leaning toward bad.) Whatevs weird works too.

Image via Just Jared.

The Worst:

As cute as Ellen Page (who won the best female performance popcorn award for her role in Juno) is, she makes the worst list.

Image via Just Jared.

Rumer Willis's face lands her on this list.

Image via Just Jared.

Hotness aside, Megan Fox.

Image via Just Jared.

Rock the Cradle's Lucy Walsh. Uh, shiteous.


Morgan said...

Rumer face hahahah!!! Heidi looks like a hooker maybe there's a job for her at the Hanky Panky.

Jen said...

Ha! The Hanky Panky. She's not that far off from some of the soft-core looking shoots I've seen.