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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Your Weekly Rundown: "Living Lohan"

Jesus Christ! Living Lohan is some boring shit. I almost couldn't bear to watch it.

The large majority of this week's episode consisted of Ali and Dina griping about how those wily tabloid reporters twist their words. Uh, guys, your words aren't distorted, you just say stupid shit. [Case in point]

The best part of the show was when Grandma put on the Hellraiser mask.

Later, Ali smells something funky in the house and calls the fire department. The operator asks for a last name, hears Lohan [sirens sound promptly]. The whole fire department shows up. Too bad Dina can't be bothered. She's out getting her drank on at some party for a lame magazine.

That's all folks. If this show doesn't get any better, this might be the last Living Lohan post.

Sorry I couldn't even find footage.

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