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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Lohans Get All Bitchy on "Showbiz Tonight"

Ali and Dina Lohan are riding a media whirlwind to promote their new E! reality show--Living Lohan. And they're not being particularly nice in the process.

They went on Showbiz Tonight last night and bristled at every question. (Snippy interviews always make me feel uncomfortable. Think Angelina Jolie. I've heard Tori Amos's no fun either.)

When reporter AJ Hammer asked how Dina was going to prevent Ali from going down the same wayward road as Lindsay (a legitimate question), she responded "Lindsay is on a fine path. But, um, you're believing what you read, which is kind of sad." When he pointed out that the older Lohan had done a stint in rehab; and had been arrested..twice. She used the trite excuse "nobody's perfect." And said "Ali will find her own path."

Poor Ali. She's a doomed, coached little imp.

Question I would have liked to ask: Hey Dina, do you have a nose to go with those nostrils?

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