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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Today Around The Blogosphere...

Gossip Girls' Blake Lively, 20, and Penn Badgley, 21, are definitely dating off-screen as well as on. People has the "exclusive" pics 11-page creepy slideshow of the two making out and groping each other at a luxury resort in Mexico's Mayan Riviera last weekend. [People]

These two are more attractive than anyone needs to be. In other words, they look hot together. (I can't believe I just wrote that).

[I know I posted this next story yesterday, but I didn't add it till late in the day so you might have missed it]

Some random dude, Gokhan Mutlu, filed a $2 million lawsuit against Jet Blue Airways Corp. because, he claims, he was coerced into sitting on the can for THREE hours of his cross-country flight. I guess the plane was overbooked, so they made him forfeit his seat to a flight attendant; after she decided the "jump seat" was uncomfortable. The bathroom was the only place left for him to go.

"They put me in the toilet," Mutlu said. "I don't feel good about it. I don't feel good about it at all."

He also said that while other passengers enjoyed their snacks, drinks and seat-back TV's, he had to "flush the toilet and hear the sound of water for entertainment."

Well look who's a drama queen.

[DListed, NY Daily News]


Rumors circulated yesterday
that Jessica Simpson, 26, and Tony Romo, 28, had broken-up. He supposedly talked to Simpson about their sex life on speakerphone in front of his laughing friends; and was seen chatting it up with other women at a club. Well now photos have surfaced that suggest these might not be just rumors after all. [US]

And "Stabbed in the Heart?" Hyperbolic much.


Actor Josh Hartnett, 29, is the new face for the Armani fragrance, Emporio Armani Diamonds for Men. Hartnett's fragrance face will be unveiled in June during Spring/Summer fashion week in Milan. [People]

Seriously, the peeps over at Armani searched the globe and Hartnett's face--which is usually sallow, unshaven and bloated-- is the best they could find? Righty-O.

Image via Just Jared.


Amy Winehouse, 24, won't be charged with any crime, even though she was arrested last week in connection with the video footage of her allegedly smoking crack. [People]

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