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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sick Pic of the Day

Amy Winehouse, 24, and Pete Doherty, 29, share an awkward dead-fish-looking goodnight peck at a party thrown at Winehouse's London pad last night.

NO, they were not making out. It was just a friendly thing; nonetheless yucky, EWWWW!

The sad thing is I like Winehouse, The Libertines and (kinda) Babyshambles. Why do they have to be so cracked out?

Image via The Superficial.


Morgan said...

Thats a match made in heaven....or should I say hell, with their nasty greasy hair!

Jen said...

Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew. I don't want even want to think about that. Because then I think what if Amy loses another tooth...and what if it falls out in his mouth. And vice versa.

So gross.