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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Lohan & Campbell on the Ugly Betty Season Finale

Lindsay Lohan, 21, is in the Ugly Betty season finale for all of 30-seconds. But fret not, the Betty-Lohan collaboration isn't over. She'll star in at least five more episodes next season.

Somewhere waay deep-down I'm rooting for her to get her shit together.

Here's the clip.

Moving on, supermodel Naomi Campbell's appearance is also brief; but surprisingly and pleasantly funny.

She plays a softball player on team Elle, Mode's rival publication, on and off the field. As Campbell, 38, steps up to bat, she reaches to answer her ringing cell phone. Consequently, both the people in the stands and the ball players dive to evade the possible wrath of her throw. Alas, she behaves herself.

See it with your own eyes.

And while you're at it, peep this cute podcast with Michael Urie, 27, (Marc) and Becki Newton, 29, (Amanda).

Love them!

BTW: Did anyone else notice that tonight's soundtrack featured nothing but Madonna songs?

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