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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Walters Takes Latest Jones Insults to "Larry King"

Well stupid me. I thought Barbara Walters was going to take the dignified route, and not respond to Star Jones's recent comments about her being in the "sunset of her life and "publicly branding herself an adulterer." I should have known Walters wouldn't stay quiet. After all she did start the mini-feud in her new memoir--Audition. In it she says Jones forced her to lie about her gastric bypass surgery on The View.

The latest lashing out occurred on Larry King Live last night. In an underhandedly catty kind of way Walters said, "We made a mistake. We should have told the truth about Star from day one. She didn't want us to. She said 'I don't want to be a poster child for gastric bypass.' And now she's talking about the fact that she's so truthful."

Then she quipped, "I wish her well."

Ouch that wishing her well part stings.

Walters also mentioned Jones's "lavish wedding," attributed the show's drop in ratings to her lying about her surgery; and said it took "her a loooong time to get a job [after she was fired from The View]."

In all fairness King did bait her.

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