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Friday, May 23, 2008

Rose McGowan at amfAR Benefit in Cannes

Now this is a crazy, I dare say heinous, dress.

Pictured: Rose McGowan, 34, wearing a "painted organza Dolce & Gabbana gown" on Thursday at Cannes' annual amfAR Cinema Against AIDS dinner.


Images via Just Jared and People.

Apparently McGowan had a padded foot cast on underneath all that fluff. She broke her foot after hitting it against a stone doorway on her way to a workout. She said she didn't want to keep her trainer waiting, so she put her foot on ice, worked her upper-body, then went to the hospital. [People]

Now that's idiotic dedication.


Morgan said...

I am not sure but it seems all the women who went to that event wore some thing wacky!

Jen said...

yeah I don't know what the deal was.