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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tyra Banks on the Cover of "NYT Magazine"

Tyra Banks, 34, fronts the upcoming issue of The New York Times Magazine.

Bleh :/

If NYT had to put her on there, couldn't it have used a normal picture? This one's scary. And why does anyone need to interview Banks? She manages to talk about herself in every conversation she has already.

Which might pose a bigger problem than you'd think. I read that the Lynn Hirschberg profile on Banks will mention her "275 smiles." Yes I'm serious. Anyone who has seen her try to teach contestants on ANTM how to smile with their eyes knows what I'm talking about. It's a frightening phenomenon.

Anywho, the said "275 smiles" reportedly range from "angry but still smiling" to "flirting with boyfriend." Sounds like riveting stuff.

I'll take another Emily Gould cover (did she make the print version?) over this shiz.

Info. via Jezebel.
Photo via the Unnamed.


Morgan said...

Didn't you know I have 300 smiles....beat that shit TyTy!!!

Jen said...

I want to see some :)