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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Today Around the Blogosphere (Updated)...

Some random dude, Gokhan Mutlu, filed a $2 million lawsuit against Jet Blue Airways Corp. because, he claims, he was coerced into sitting on the can for THREE hours of his cross-country flight. I guess the plane was overbooked, so they made him forfeit his seat to a flight attendant; after she decided the "jump seat" was uncomfortable. The bathroom was the only place left for him to go.

"They put me in the toilet," Mutlu said. "I don't feel good about it. I don't feel good about it at all."

He also said that while other passengers enjoyed their snacks, drinks and seat-back TV's, he had to "flush the toilet and hear the sound of water for entertainment."

Well look who's a drama queen.

[DListed, NY Daily News]

"Top Ten Angry On-Camera Meltdowns," Gawker's less funny follow-up to "The Dangers of Being a Television News Reporter," which was damn hilarious. The new clip is still worth watching. [Gawker]

Uh, someone really needs to keep this chick off the road... Mr. Conservator. Britney Spears, 26, was involved in another minor car accident on Tuesday. She rear-ended a red Ford Explorer in Beverly Hills, according to People. Hold up, there are people in Beverly Hills who drive Ford Explorers?!?!

"I think she was just distracted," said a witness. "She just tapped the other car in front of her."

Who doesn't do that all the time? In fact, sometimes I like to see how many side-tasks I can take on, while driving, before I crash into another car that gets in my way. It's like bumper cars, only real. And the other drivers get pissed.

Latarian Milton knows what I'm talking about.

This is Spears's second fender-bender in two months. [People]

Of course TMZ captured it on tape.

Kid Rock, 37, helps the Boy Scouts [People]


Shia LaBeouf, 21, goes on Letterman, and talks about the Walgreens incident that got him arrested last December. When all else fails, blame booze and acne. It's actually pretty funny. Also a plus, LaBeouf does knife tricks. [People]

Phew. The Hills' Brody Jenner and Spencer Pratt have finally kind of reconciled after breaking-up last year. I'm glad we can all get back to our daily-doings. [US]

Apparently these two also represent the 'West Si-ead.' Are we allowed to forcibly extricate them?

Image from January 2007 via US.


Morgan said...

So I totally read that article and it seems like Brody is just like what evs about everything, it doesn't seem like they are actually friends.

Jen said...

Oh you're right.I'll fix it, but I kind of don't care.

Jen said...

Sorry if that comment sounded mean. What I meant was I didn't care because I was mentioning them as a joke. I was trying to emphasize how ridiculous it is that people are talking and writing about them.

I guess that plan backfired because here I am writing about them some more.

They're pervasive little shits.

Morgan said...

I totally agree. Their 15 mins is up.

Jen said...

Word to that.

David B. Dancy said...

I'm adding two more minutes