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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What's Up With Posh's Knee?

I don't want to contribute to anyone's body image issues or anything, but seriously, WTF is up with Victoria "Posh" Beckham's knee?

[You're Definitely Gonna Want to Click to Enlarge For This One]
(Look at me all picture cropping crazy since I figured out how to use Microsoft Paint last week.)

I know she probably doesn't eat, but yeah, I'm still not sure what would cause that. What do you think's the root of this unmerciful evil?

Pictured: Posh leaving Scott's Restaurant in Mayfair en route to the Dorchester Hotel (aka somewhere in London) on Tuesday. [Gossip Girls]

I know what you're thinking. And no, this is not just a freaky fluke, one-time-only thing. The chick has weird legs. (Understatement of the week).

[Once Again, Click to Enlarge]

These photos of Beckham, courtesy the Daily Mail, were taken in July 2007. Reportedly, she was on her way to a photoshoot in the Hollywood Hills. [Daily Mail]


Morgan said...

ewwww! It looks gross, what is up with that?

Jen said...

I have no idea dude. I think it her muscles might have atrophied because she doesn't get enough nutrients or something.