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Thursday, May 15, 2008

First Ashley Dupré Photos Since Spitzer Scandal

Finally,the former prosti-hooker Ashley Alexandra Dupré, 23, makes her first public appearance (the first one caught on camera anyway) since that whole Eliot Spitzer scandal thing. It's about time! And unfortunately, it's anti-climactic. She looks cuter in a bikini on a yacht.

There, that's better.

The New York Post has the nine "exclusive" pics.

And hard knock life my ass. This is where she lives with her mom and step-dad in Wall, N.J..

Money doesn't necessarily equate to having an easy life obviously. But she said she used to be "broke and homeless*."

Over it. I need a new scandal.

Images via MySpace and NY Post.

* Doesn't necessarily mean that she wasn't.


Morgan said...

Boo fucking hoo!!! btdubs that is a sweet see through shirt where can I get one.

Jen said...

Dude I know. I was thinking 'you're going to a prostitution trial and your entire bra is showing?!'

Smart girl.