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Monday, May 12, 2008

The Brad Pitt Tattoo Mystery Solved

Today the entertainment bloggers of the world are confounded. No that confusion doesn't stem from the horrible tornado that took out 22 people in three states. It's not the lack of resources in Myanmar; or the magnitude 7.8 earthquake in China that left 10,000+ people dead in its wake.

It's Brad Pitt's new cryptic tattoo that's deserving of our befuddled attention.

What can I say, it's a really weird tattoo. What does it mean? And doesn't it kinda qualify as a tramp stamp?

Luckily Defamer has the answers.

FYI: The tat was exposed on Sunday when Pitt boarded a helicopter in Monaco. The aircraft's motor blades blew up the actor's shirt, revealing his lower back.

Image via Defamer.

Thank goodness we all have NPR to fall back on. Big ups to Melissa Block and Robert Siegal, you know "real" reporters who go to the scene of the news they're covering.

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