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Monday, May 12, 2008

A "Donny Darko" Sequel is Coming. Yay, Boo

A sequel for Donnie Darko will begin shooting May 18. [Hurrah!]

It won't be starring Jake Gyllenhal [cheers quieting].

And according to Pop Wrap, "the big brain behind Donnie Darko writer/director Richard Kelly also has nothing to do with the movie. According to the site, producers have spoken to Kelly about the project but he is not involved in any official capacity at this stage." [Insert warranted booing here]

Donnie, the main character in the first movie, will also be M.I.A.

So basically Donnie Darko 2, i.e. S. Darko, will have no semblance of its former self.

Scratch that. Simon Crowe, one of the producers of this "suck-fest," says, "[The New film will have] meteorites and rabbits."

Well I guess, a half-hearted, 'yay' for that.

Something else that might make people happy, cough cough Morgan, Ed Westwick, of Gossip Girl, is joining the new cast.

According to Wiki, "S. Darko takes place in1995, seven years after the original film. It follows Donnie Darko's younger sister, Samantha, who, in the wake of his death, has found herself at age 17 with a broken family, mired in feelings of insignificance. When she and her best friend Corey are plagued by bizarre visions, they set off on a road trip to Los Angeles. "

Info. via Pop Wrap and Wiki Wiki.
Image via Wiki.


Morgan said...

I did read that on another site. I cant believe there messing with a good thing. I totally saw this movie by the same creator or something called Southland tales and it was awful!!!

Jen said...

Really? I haven't seen that movie. I guess now I won't.

Aww darn about you reading that on another site. I guess I should have gotten my act together.