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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Dancing is Not Enough to Get a Body Like Hough's

Two-time Dancing with the Stars champion Julianne Hough is on the cover of the July issue of Shape; and she says, "There are certain areas of the body that dancing won't tone."

Uh, not from where I'm lying on the couch eating processed food out of a bag.

The amazingly fit 20-year-old opts for a 5-day workout plan, in addition to dancing.


"I stretch and do crunches, lunges, and arm moves just about every day," Hough says.

Her workout also includes the treadmill, free-weights and choreography.

Have fun with that Hough, you fabulous-looking creature you.

This issue of Shape hits newsstands June 2.

Photo and info. via People.

At the behest of a reader, here's the link for Hough's music video "That Song in My Head."

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