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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Today Around the Blogoshpere (Updated)...

Ambre Lake, 38-ish, the winner of Rock of Love 2, is in some weird Choose Your Own Adventure-type online slasher movie called (appropriately enough) "Project: Slasher." Here's the link. The good part is you decide if she lives or dies. I say she should die. Then there can be a Rock of Love 3. And there needs to be a Rock of Love 3.

I watched part of the movie. It's actually kind of cool...if you're bored. I like it.

Image via People.

Singer/Songwriter Ne-Yo, 28, was surprisingly impressed by Lindsay Lohan's singing ability. He and Lohan, 21, collaborated on a track together called "Bossy." And Ne-Yo was supposedly so ecstatic about the way it turned out, he called Lohan to apologize for having doubts about her. [Billboard]

And there you have it: non-mean news about Lindsay Lohan. That was hard.

I was this close to posting the pic of Lohan in a gold bikini at Jeremy Piven's b-day party--circa 2006-- as the accompanying photo. But I recognize that wouldn't have been nice. Instead I'll just provide the link. What? It's for old times sake.

Also surprising, Ne-Yo is part Chinese. My peeps. Alright so I'm only a quarter; and look like a cracker. [Wiki Wiki]

Ne-Yo image via Go Where Hip Hop.

Oooh. I just saw this group picture of the girls at the NYC Sex and the City premiere.


The hoopla surrounding this film is ridiculous/on the verge of disgusting. But I still them.

Image via Us.
The drunk driver who hit Sandra Bullock's car in Massachusetts last month gets one-year probation. Lucille Gatchell, 64, pleaded guilty on Tuesday to operating [a vehicle] under the influence of alcohol and a marked lanes violation. [The Boston Globe]

See my previous posting for more details.
Those Ashlee Simpson Wentz Wet Seal clothes I told you about, apparently aren't selling as well as I expected.


Newlywed Ashlee Simpson, 23, is changing her name to Ashlee Wentz. "I think that that's something that a woman should do when they're marrying a man," she tells People.

Antiquity rears its ugly head. But I guess that's what shotgun weddings are for*?

J/k do what you feel like doing peeps.

* I should clarify that I don't know whether Simpson Wentz is actually pregnant. But she totally is...probably.

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