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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Today Around the Blogosphere (Updated)....

For some reason blogger is not letting me edit my previous "Today Around the Blogoshpere" posting, so here's more.

Ali Lohan
, 14, is the oldest looking 8th grader I've ever seen! The teen fugged-up Letterman last night to talk about her upcoming E! reality show Living Lohan.

Meh, not really worth watching. It's kinda cute when she talks about her micro-mini Maltese. And by kinda I mean not really. I still want one though.

DListed had the photo of the said Maltese.



"Legendary music mogul Lou Pearlman, who created the boy bands Backstreet Boys and 'N Sync, was sentenced on Wednesday to 25 years in prison for stealing more than $300 million from investors." [People]

Call me crazy, but something tells me tubby isn't going to fare well in the slammer.

Good news though, "Federal Judge G. Kendall Sharp, of Orlando, Fla., said he would reduce the jail time by one month for every $1 million Pearlman, 53, returned to the investors."

You might want to consider forking over the dough...assuming you have any left, Old Man Moneybags. You've got "jail bait" (something you're familiar with) written all over you.

Image via Kuam News.


In the new issue of US Weekly, singer Christina Aguilera, 27, divulges that since giving birth, her bra-size has ballooned to an E-cup. Dayum! [US].

"It's kind of hilarious," she says of her overinflated fun bags. "Funny, in a circus-freak kind of way," she meant to add.

Allah bless implants.
Silicon tainted milk does a baby good?


"Rocker Steven Tyler, 60, has checked into Las Encinas Hospital drug rehabilitation clinic, according to The center is where Dr. Drew Pinsky treated patients for VH1’s Celebrity Rehab." His rep had no comment. [US]

At 60 you'd think he'd be like "Aww fuck it. Give me the drugs. I'm old. I quit quitting."

But good for him. I guess? I don't know. A party's not a party until the uppers, downers and hallucinogenic drugs have arrived. It's the only real way to have a good time.

Image via US.


Katie Holmes, 29, is bound for a Broadway debut. The actress will costar with John Lithgow, 62, Dianne Wiest, 60, and Patrick Wilson, 34, in the revival of Arthur Miller's All My Sons. She will play Wilson's fiancée in the WWII-era drama about a businessman (Lithgow) whose factory sold faulty parts to the U.S. Military during World War II, resulting in the deaths of 21 pilots. [US]

Apparently this is a good thing because Suri, Holmes's 2-year-old daughter with Tom Cruise, loves Broadway. Riiight.

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