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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ok, Who Let Drunky on the Carousel?

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There are so many things wrong with this picture of Pamela Anderson, 40. Where do I begin? I thought I'd start with the obvious open bottle of champagne, but I think the transparent top that accentuates her nipples is the biggest blunder. Then again, her underwear are showing. She pulled a kinky bedroom move by blindfolding that unicorn with her scarf. And oh yeah, she's on a ride for children!!!

I think I see part of one dressed up like a frog in the background.

So awesome!

Image via Taxi Driver Movie.

Flocke thought I should mention the Hulk veins in Anderson's feet.

Update: So that thing in the background might be a stuffed animal. Still though.


flocke said...

Great (gross) picture!!! One thing you missed - since you're always checking feet....

Morgan said...

Hey Boozy!!

Jen said...

Flocke: I saw her feet; and was going to say she had hulk veins, but I thought it was unnecessary.

Morgan: Boozy woozy