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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sculpts Stomach, Kills Brain Cells

I just watched a commercial for some weird thing called a Bender Ball. It's a supposed wonder mini-exercise-ball that sculpts and flattens abs.

The first customer testimonial, from the said commerical, left me wondering if the girl doing the talking was A.) high or B.) just really dumb.

When describing the benefits of the Bender Ball, the blonde chick, drolls:

"I love my abdominals. Yes, I love my belly. I love my abdominals."

What, do you like OxyContin too? Cause it's either that, or someone hit you in the head with a "tube-sock full of wood scurs."

Just watch the first six seconds and be done with it.


Morgan said...

You can have wash board abs too by using this tiny ass ball that looks like you can crush it.

Jen said...

Yeah dude I know. It looks like the most awkward workout ever!

But then again you've seen me on the regular sized balls. I bounce and then fall off. I look like a retard when I try to use them at the gym. I tried to do this plank move, while also trying to stay hidden from other gym-goers. I ended knocking over a bunch of weird foam flotation things.All the people on the treadmills were then staring at me. I swear one chick laughed.