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Friday, April 18, 2008

Feel the Tension: Jenna Jameson on "The View"

I was uncomfortable watching this, so I can only imagine what it must have felt like to be there. Jenna Jameson made an appearance on yesterday's episode of The View. During her segment, she talked about retiring as a porn star and her new movie Zombie Strippers--I know.

The best part of the show, however, was the look on Barbara Walters's face. She was one pissed prune. And judgmental conservative, co-host Elizabeth Hasselbeck, looked like she was smelling her own fetid farts. I'm too lazy/ill to think about how to make that last sentence syntacticly correct.



Morgan said...

Is it ok that I want to kick Elizabeth really hard!!!

Jen said...

I wonder, does anyone actually like her?