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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Prediction: There will be a "Rock of Love 3"

So the Rock of Love 2 season finale just aired. And Bret Michaels chose Ambre (yeah I don't know why she's spells "Amber" that way either), the boring, moderately annoying chick who lied about her age--she's 37. You know, the one who was almost eliminated during the first episode.

'Meh' is all I really have to say about that choice. Oh yeah, and that shit's not going to last.

Watch Michaels let Daisy down easy, while he enumerates how many members of his band, "his opening band and his opening opening band," she has "hung out"with. ;)

Update: An intimation that my prediction is going to pan out. When asked if he'd found true love, Michaels told the Associated Press, "I found someone who is really nice and cool and gets rock ’n’ roll. We can see where it goes from here."

When asked if he really expected to find love on the show he said, I went into this to have fun and maybe find someone to like. True love is not going to be found instantly on a TV show.

Also of note, when asked about his omnipresent bandanna, Michaels said his hair was made of the finest extensions Europe has to offer. I do the show without [the bandanna] on all the time and they wont film me. They are like, “Put your bandanna back on. It is your image.” It is my signature thing.

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