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Monday, April 28, 2008

Perez Hilton Stole From Me!!!

Wow! At least I give people credit when I steal from them. Perez Hilton stole my Amy Winehouse and Sam "The World's Ugliest Dog" comparison. And he didn't give me attribution. Big surprise! I'm not sourcing him anymore.

Here's what I posted on April 19, 2008.

"Look-a-Likes of the Day"

"Damn it I wish she'd stuck with the missing tooth look!

Pictured: Amy Winehouse seen leaving a club Saturday night in London. And Sam, the purebred Chinese Crested Hairless, who held the title of "World's Ugliest Dog" for three consecutive years; until his demise in November 2005."

And here's what he posted today:

"Separated at Birth"

"Left: Amy Winehouse. Right: Sam, the world's ugliest dog. R.I.P."

I'm not providing a link to his site.

Obviously I have no basis for a lawsuit (I wish you could sue people for being douchey), but someone should sue him. Oh...wait. Good luck with that!

Do you think he coincidentally came up with this on his own?


Pappy said...

You know he didn't!

Jen said...


Morgan said...

Mother Fucker!!!! I hate that poser!!!

Morgan said...

Of course he didn't. Did you post a comment on his page with a link to your site? That would be awesome!!!!

Jen said...

Yeah I did. But it probably won't make a difference.

He sucks.

BTW I got a camcorder. I forgot it at Jon's. But our video making days are imminent.

Love ya Ming!

kingtyler said...

hey this is KingTyler...the one who actually created the image that was posted on his site... First of all, sorry about the confusion. Second of all, do you believe you and I together would have something to use against him? and by that, I mean, in a court system??? my email addy is if you are at all interested in talking... just throwing around ideas!

Jen said...

Yeah we probably don't have any legal ammo, especially since neither of us actually took the photos. I'm assuming you weren't the photographer anyway. The energy we'd have to expel wouldn't be worth the outcome.

I guess just find solace in knowing he's a hack.

And just cause I'm curious, why did you email him? You should have kept that for yourself.

Oh well,lesson learned. It's good to have ideas :)

KingTyler said...

haha. no idea. I just knew he had a segment for Separated at Births on his site, I had a brilliant (but unoriginal) idea, and I wanted to share! lol. Hind sight is 20/20 though.

I think I will just be reading from your blog from now on.. ;)

Jen said...

You totally should Kingtyler.

Let email ME if you have anymore good ideas. I'll give you credit ;)

Jen said...

Whoops. I meant email ME if you have anymore good ideas.

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