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Thursday, July 24, 2008

August in "Vogue" Kate Moss Overload

Whatever your opinions on what Kate Moss, 34, chooses to put up her nose, the woman is still making serious bank. Forbes ranks her #83 on the list of top 100 celebrity power players; and estimates she earned $7.5 million from June 2007-to-June 2008.


The August issue of Vogue is a good indicator of her success. In addition to being its feature story, and making the cover, Moss is in practically every ad. Alright, so I'm being hyperbolic. But I counted three. (It seemed like a lot more when I started this posting, so I'm still going with it.)

[Click to Enlarge Pics]

As far as the Plum Sykes profile on Moss, there's nothing particularly noteworthy; however, the model/"mogulette" does mention she has no plans to quit smoking because it's a part of who she is. (She started puffing on Marlboro Lights when she was 14.)

"I don't want to create a phony facade," she says of her decision not to quit. "I think I just have to be myself; otherwise, I'd be a paranoid mess."

(I wish David Sedaris had taken that stance. It would have made things easier for everyone.)

Oh, and John Galliano says Moss has a large following in fashion because "she lives it as much as she embodies it." Also, she collects it. Moss has over 1,000 pieces; and has a massive room containing nothing but clothes and "rails." (She said it not me.)

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