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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Nooo (!) The Hot Guy From "Top Chef" is Engaged

Sam Talbot, aka the hottest guy to grace Top Chef (Anthony Bourdain is a kinda close second), got engaged last weekend. And it's a sad day.

"I'm so in love it's unreal," Talbot "gushed" to People on Wednesday. "She's amazing. She's stunning."

He added, "She takes care of me in many ways. I'm quite lucky."

All right fine, congrats are in order.

His fiancée is a Columbian model (of course) and t-shirt designer. Her name is Paola Guerro, 30. And the two met at Talbot's 30th birthday in Brazil last December.

They've yet to set a wedding date.

And thankfully, there's no word on the romantic details of the actual proposal. Because that might actually reduce me to tears. (Okay so I'm not that pathetic.)

Image via Ducky Does TV.

FYI: Talbot was a finalist on Top Chef season 2.


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