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Thursday, July 31, 2008

"Elle" in September: Jessica Simpson Déjà Vu

Something is off about Jessica Simpson's face on the September cover of Elle. It's like her nose was digitally enlarged to look more like a lumberjack's or something.

I don't know. What Photoshop tragedy do you think befell Simpson, 27, to make her look so weird?

And didn't Elle already do this cover exactly four years ago?!? That's a pretty lazy flub, considering September is an important (possibly the most important) issue for fashion mags.

She even has on the same blue beaded necklace she wore for the 2004 editorial.

Top two images via The Fashion Spot.

Update: G damn it! Flocke has informed me that someone already came up with this comparison for Perez Hilton. I swear I didn't steal it from him.


Morgan said...

Fuck you Perez get your own shit. Geeze Elle you are so creative.

Jen said...

Yeah I was surprised when I saw that cover. I save my old magazines, like a crazy hoarder, so luckily I had the Sept. 04 issue. You think Elle would try a little harder since its sales are down

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