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Monday, July 14, 2008

Lady GaGa, Ya Heard?

I like this Lady GaGa--Stefani Germanotta, 22,--chick. She gained early admission to the Tish School of the Arts, when she was only 17. And at 20 (!) she began writing songs for Interscope artists, such as the Pussyscat Dolls. Now Lady GaGa has her own single--"Just Dance."

And as one ONTD-er aptly put it: "I LOVE THIS FIERCE BITCH AND THIS HOT ASS SONG!" Don't be a rockist. Admit the damn track is catchy. Gym material, at the very least. Forget that I think some of the lyrics include"Gotta doo-doo. Just Dance."

I'm just glad there's finally an anthem for sloppy-ass drunks.

Also, it's sorta fitting that they let her perform this song at the Miss Universe Pageant.

P.S. Lady GaGa has another song on her Myspace page, but... I don't like it. Bummer, I had my hopes up. Hopefully the rest of the songs on her debut album--The Fame--will be better. The album is slated for a release sometime this summer, according to MTV.

Here's a short W profile on Lady GaGa to pacify you in the meantime. It's from October 2007. And her hair was brown (!) at the time.

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