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Monday, July 7, 2008

Blind Item Trickery

Even if I rarely have a clue, I'm always entertained by the blind items on Crazy Days and Nights (a blog run by an anonymous entertainment lawyer). A big part of that's because I figure all the subjects all alive.

Au contraire.

Crazy Days recently revealed the answer to two of its more perplexing blind items [Fig. 1, Fig. 2] is Peter Lawford!

[Fig. 1] Classic Hollywood: So, remember the guy from the foursome a few weeks back? He was #4 in case you want to go back and look. Anyway, he had several children and one year he was so incredibly messed up on drugs that he had not had time to get a birthday present for his son. So, what did he get him? No, not a hooker, he had already done that in a previous year. No, one time he wrapped up a couple of grams of coke in wrapping paper for his teenage son's birthday. Nice huh?

Answer: Peter Lawford

[Fig. 2] Classic Hollywood. Same guy from yesterday who bought the coke for his son's birthday. So, anyway our guy who is more fully described last week was in rehab several times. One of his attempts at rehab took place out at Betty Ford. Prior to going to rehab he made arrangements for a helicopter to meet him in the desert with drugs. He would then use his exercise time to walk out into the desert, meet the helicopter and do his drugs. He would repeat this each day.

Answer: Peter Lawford again.

If you have no idea who that is, it might be because dude 1984! Apparently he was a member of the original freaking "Brat Pack!" No fair entertainment lawyer! Damn you and your trick blind items! I spent many an hour pondering over that shit.

Ok, so I didn't.

Image of Lawford via Wikipedia.

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