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Friday, July 11, 2008

Today Around the Blogosphere...

I can't believe this mean-old-lady is getting her own television talk show. FOX (of course) will begin airing it on Monday.

And I know this is old news, but I just saw it for the first time recently. [Clip Below]

Background: Back in 2006 Wendy Williams broke the news, on air, that Method Man's wife had cancer. Problem is, she wasn't supposed to. At the time not even his wife's family members knew she was sick. As a result, Method Man was, understandably pissed. [Understatement]


I didn't even know these two were dating. I like Emily Blunt, 25, (The Devil Wears Prada). By all accounts (I'm aware of) she's a good actress. (If you want to see lesbian action, watch her in My Summer Love.) And she had a cool feature in NYT Magazine. Michael Bubble, Bublé, 32, on the other hand, seems like an ass. I remember when he performed on American Idol, then asked if he could still vote for Antonella Barba, even though she'd already been eliminated. I guess he was dating Blunt at the time; since People says there were together for three years. Alright, I'll stop rambling.

Update: LaineyGossip has proof. Bublé's a d. bag.
Speaking of break-ups, The Bachelorette's DeAnna Pappas, 26, and Jesse Sin-Sac, 26, have launched their own Web site/blog, so "they can share their lives with you." Okay so these two haven't broken-up, but they will. Though I will say they're a lot more convincing than Shayne Lamas, 22, and that Matt guy.

Does this make you want to vote?

If Us Weekly sales turn out to be--in fact-- down [NYP], maybe it should consider lowering the cost to subscribe. I would totally buy that shit if it weren't around $50 a year (what? I'm cheap). After all, it is drivel. Just sayin'.

BTW that's what Elle did. You can get a two-year subscription for 16 dollaz. I snatched that up in a heartbeat. Still waiting for it to arrive...
Apparently all is NOT well on the new iPhone 3G front. I think we all suspected there'd be some chaos.

Just one more reason why I'm keeping my "old" one...for now. (Oh who am I kidding, my ass can't afford another one.) But check this baby out in black.Did you buy the new iPhone? And do you care to talk about it? Let me know.


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