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Thursday, July 24, 2008

"Hoochie Mama" Rapper Gets Married

Luke "Skyyywalker" Campell, formerly of 2 Live Crew, walked down the aisle on Saturday.

"I waited 47 years to find a special woman and have found that in Kristin [Thompson]," he told People. "I never knew that I could feel love on another level like this until I met her, and I am now honored to call her my wife."

I believe the part about him not knowing he "could feel love on another level." Have you heard 2 Live Crew's song "Hoochie Mama?"

I know I'll never forget it. That's mostly because at the height of "Hoochie Mama's" popularity, 106 KMEL (a San Francisco-based radio station) had the clean version on loop, and literally played it every 15 minutes.

Some of the lyrics, from the non-clean version include:

I don't know her reputation
But all the niggas in the hood say it's all good
But the bitch ain't shit, so you need to make a switch
Smackin' on ya lips with your hands on your hips
Triflin' slimy, don't try me
Playin' on the phone? You supposed to be grown
Bitch, stop lyin', I ain't with it
Keep runnin' ya mouth and I'ma stick my dick in it
Hoochie hoodrat needs home training
Ghetto-ass always complaining
Tryin to clown in front of my friends
By the way, bitch, can I get those ends?
Fuck theatrics, you ain't no actress
Lay on the mattress and let a nigga splak it
The bitch is full of DRAMA!!
Hoochie hoodrat is a hoe like her momma!

Niice. Still, I liked that song.

2 Live Crew is also responsible for the Nasty as They Wanna Be album. And the "Me So Horn Horny" song.

Campbell and Thompson, 27, were married in Dallas, Texas, with about 300 guests in attendance.

["Hoochie Mama" video. Warning: Explicit lyrics]

And expect to see more of Campbell. He's getting his own VH1 reality show called Luke's Parental Advisory. It premieres August 4.

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