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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mr. Boston Says Not to Expect More of Him on TV

I Love Money's recently ousted Mr. Boston says he probably won't come back for season 2 because VH1 is stingy.

"Unfortunately, unless VH1 stops being cheap with the people who make them rich, I will not go on I Love Money Season 2 under any circumstances
," Mr. Boston said to a blog called Bourgy via email. "So unless they pay us better or I get my own show, this is the last you’ll see of Mr. Boston on reality TV."

Someone's a diva. However, point duly noted.

But fret not friends. Mr. Boston has plans to launch a totally original Web site that's sure to entertain you. Sorry, he's not spilling the exact details.

"I plan on starting a controversial, yet hilarious website in the near future that will undoubtedly become very popular and will allow me to stay in touch with my fans," he said. "I can’t tell you what it is yet, but as soon as it’s up, I will be promoting it to you guys, and I’m sure everyone will find it quite amusing."

Goody! And that same someone is also pretty sure of himself.

In the email, he also said he received a tearful phone call from 12 Pack, following the airing of last week's episode. I guess he felt bad and regretted eliminating him or something.

Mr. Boston bugs! I'm still looking forward to his Web site though. What's he gonna do?!

For the record, I doubt he'll be able to hold out and not give the show another go. He obviously likes the attention. And then there's the fact that I can't see Mr. Boston being able to hold a respectable job, considering he's in the habit of openly picking his nose. (He says he's in accounting.)

Visit Bourgy to see what else Mr. Boston had to say.

Bourgy via ONTD.
Images via VH1 Blog.


Anonymous said...

I do not whats up with this dude; hes an accountant and I guess he makes a six figure income but still do not want to leave the shows, I saw pieces of I love new york and I thought this guy was cool, but after that, I mean he does not need to be appering in these kind of shows anymore to gain attention from the tv viewers. Maybe if he does a James Bond movie, Ill see it
chido y peace

Jen said...

Yeah I don't know what his deal is. As far as hims being the next James Bond goes, WTF?! :)

Anonymous said...

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