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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tricia Walsh-Smith is Now Accepting Donations

Tricia Walsh-Smith-- the desperate housewife (unintentional) who aired her husband's sexual inadequacies via vlog-- got burned in court on Monday.

Or as NYP kindly put it, she finally got screwed. (In one of many viral rants, Walsh-Smith revealed that her Broadway millionaire mogul husband, Philip Smith, 76-ish, had been unable to consummate their eight-year marriage. Walsh-Smith, 52, professed that, particularly, irked and hurt her because she'd recently found his secret stash of Viagra. In turn, she did what any person of sound mind would. She called Smith's office and told his secretary about it...while filming)

A judge ruled Walsh-Smith was only entitled to $750,000, the amount agreed upon in the prenup. (She wanted more.) And he told her she had 30 days to vacate the Park Avenue pad, made famous by her YouTube videos.

Furthermore, the judge concluded that Walsh-Smith's popular vlogs caused Smith "to suffer tremendously," and even incited "heart problems." It goes without saying, but he was granted a divorce.

Undeterred, Walsh-Smith said she was "going to go down swinging," and added that she thought the ruling "sucked."

She also rattled off something about "President Bush", "Iraq," "democracy" and an appeal.

In case you missed her claim to fame:

I would feel bad for her. But GD she's dumb.

Info. via NYP.
Image via Reuters.

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