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Monday, July 7, 2008

More Fun With Not So Blind Items

I don't want to imply that most of the blind items on Crazy Days and Nights are about dead people. Here are a couple on celebrities, who are alive and (arguably) well.

This is quite the pair. A former adult film actress and a member of a girl's singing group were all over each other at a recent event. They also seemed to go the bathroom together every five minutes. Weak bladders I guess.

Answer: Jenna Jameson and (my personal favorite) Aubrey O'Day. Yeah I could believe it too.

This television host refused to say anything to anyone when she went to a recent event. She posed for photos and made it look like she was enjoying herself and mingling, but in reality, she ignored everyone who spoke to her. At one point even turning her face to avoid talking to someone. Total time at event was about 15 minutes. Total amount of people she ticked off was about the same.

Answer: Tyra Banks.

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