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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Blake Lively's Rep is Unhappy with "Seventeen"

Gossip Girl Blake Lively's camp is reportedly unhappy with how she looks on the cover of this month's Seventeen magazine.

A source told NYP: "Her rep felt the Seventeen photo looked nothing like Blake."

Lively's rep confirmed the assertion, said some calls were made and said that "Blake hasn't even seen the shots yet."

Uh oh.
Her reps do, however, like her Cosmopolitan and Vanity Fair covers, also out this month.

Two out of three ain't good. But who can really bitch about that kind of publicity? On second thought, I guess if it were me, looking all not "pretty" with un-perfect "hair" on the cover of a magazine, (which could totally happen in an alternate universe) I'd be pissed too.

When it cut it burns, that Photoshop. At least it's a nice scapegoat.

Image via Daily Intel.

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