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Friday, July 11, 2008

How Much do Celeb. Baby Pics Really Cost?

Magazines, such as People and OK!, are shelling out a lot less for celebrity baby pictures than they'd like you to think, according to Radar.

Why? Because the highly publicized bidding wars incite the interest of readers. Therefore, they sell more copies. For example, People would have you believe it paid around $6 million for the first exclusive photos of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony's twins, back in March. AFTER the issue hit newsstands though, its editors, reportedly, fessed that figure may have been a little hyperbolic; but refused to say by exactly how much. Instead they rationalized, saying they didn't start the rumors, they just chose not to refute them. (Isn't lying by omission still lying?)

Apparently it worked. J. Lo's baby issue sold 36 percent more copies than the norm, also according to Radar.

I say stop dicking us around, uhhh, tabloids. Yeah I'm not really sure who to be mad at; us for being stupid, or them for capitalizing on it?

For more info. read Radar's "Cash on Delivery."

P.S. Remember that one time when J.Lo pretended she wasn't pregnant? Second trimester aside, what was she thinking when she decided to wear those hideous pants?

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