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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Today Around the Blogosphere...

Let me reiterate, I love newly launched Cityfile, a blog on the who's who of prominent New Yorkers. If for nothing else than for its Wikipedia-esque profiles on NYC scenesters; replete with photo galleries.

Where else are you going to find info. on headband-loving, socialite Arden Wohl; with an accompanying photo that says:

"These are the people who pay for Arden's headbands?"

[Click to Enlarge]
It's revolting, yet satisfying.

Update: Well go figure. Wohl was arrested on Saturday for defacing a Ralph Lauren (born Ralph Lipschitz) storefront in East Hampton. How like a gang member of her. Apparently she marked her territory by scrawling "Ralphy Lip-shit" in lipstick. [NYP]

I think this means her street cred just went up.

Jesse Csincsak (Sin-Sac), 26--winner of The Bachelorette-- is a former MTV MADE coach, which means he likes to be on TV. [MTV Remote Control]

[Click to Enlarge]

Watch Sin-Sac's episode of MADE on Remote Control.
[Click to Enlarge][Sorry I just realized the story's mostly last week's news.]

It looks as though actress Tatum O'Neal, 44, will avoid jail time despite her little (alleged) attempted crack-buying incident in NYC last month. She pleaded guilty to a charge of disorderly conduct on Wednesday; and will have to spend two half-day sessions in a drug treatment program; plus pay a $95 fee. The case will be tossed out completely (on Sept. 4) if she complies with those terms. O'Neal is understandably relieved. [People]

And that friends, is called getting off easy.

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