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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Paris Hilton Plans to Sell Her Fake Fraggle Hair

Paris Hilton's plot to sell you cheap hair extensions is, reportedly, in the works.

I mention this only because of that funny shit Tina Fey said on The Howard Stern Show a couple years ago. When asked if Hilton was hard to work with on SNL, Fey said "she was awful," adding "you would walk down the hall and find what looked like nasty wads of Barbie hair on the stairs. Her hair is like a Fraggle."

I know you guys are just waiting to stampede for some fake Fraggle hair.

So there's more good news. Hilton, 27, has, apparently, already shot part (or all) of the campaign. (You can peep the pics at The Superficial.)

And soon you'll be able to buy the damn things on some Web site called DreamCatchers (so much for stampeding).

Update: So I went back and took a closer look at that DreamCatchers site (yeah I'm embarrassed). And it's worse than I thought.

Hilton isn't just selling fake hair. She is selling fake hair attached to interchangeable headbands!

Fraggle image via Venom Literati.

And just because my theme for today seems to be nostalgia...

Apologies for making Fraggle Rock share a posting with Paris Hilton.


Flocke said...

Oh boy - did that Fraggle Rock song bring back some memories?!?!? Still love those Doozers!

Jen said...

I think those Doozers too. Whenever Jon says anything about core, the people who fix things that break, I picture the Doozers.

Jen said...

I meant I like those Doozers too.