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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hell Yeah There's Going to be a "Rock of Love 3"

Bret Michaels and Ambre Lake are officially over, according to the VH1 blog. No they weren't ever actually together. But details shmetails (who cares?) there's going to be a Rock of Love 3. (I told you there would be.) I hope they bring back Kristy Joe Muller, even though I guess she got back together with that guy she was supposed to be divorcing.

Anyway, this season is tentatively titled Rock of Love Bus. It's coming in early 2009. And the show is hitting the road. That's right.

"VH1 is loading up a tour bus filled with beautiful babes and taking them on a month-long tour across the country," according to a Rock of Love Bus press release. "The girls will engage in challenges specifically revolving around Bret’s life on the road. Whether it’s greeting aggressive groupies with a smile, enduring grueling schedules, dodging the advances of the warm-up band or even stepping in last-minute to fill in for delinquent roadies – these girls will be put to the test."

Yay! For more details check out VH1 blog.


Flocke said...

THIS - I do not believe! Not the rock of love 3 part but the BUS???

Jen said...

Ha! It's going to be good.