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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Somebody is Maaaad at Kate, "Jon & Kate Plus 8"

I guess this is kind of old news, but I'd never heard about it before seeing it on ONTD.

A (supposed) relative (by law) is pissed at Kate Gosselin, of TLC's popular reality show Jon & Kate Plus 8. The biological sister of Gosselin's sister-in-law (Aunt Jodie) is essentially asserting that Gosselin's a big ol' money hungry, bitch, who puts her material wants before her kids. And she writes about her on her blog-- Truth Breeds Hatred--which she launched in May.

Here's an excerpt:

Some of which you probably already figured if you've ever seen the show. I can think of one episode in particular where Gosselin, 33, and her husband Jon, 31, receive a complimentary laser teeth bleaching (typically costs $1,000+) from their dentist. In it the two are too antsy to sit still for the 30- minute procedure. Instead, they make the staff run around so they can pass each other notes.

That said, I give her a little leeway because she has EIGHT FREAKING KIDS! Still though.

There's a lot more on Truth Breeds Hatred.

P.S. Keep in mind that anyone can create a blog, so there's no to prove this woman is whom she says she is. I'm inclined to think its the real deal, since, clearly, a lot of effort went into creating the site. But you never know, people are weird (self-included).


Morgan said...

Jen I agree with you until I pass eight basketball out of my canal, I cant say shit. Also that lady should shut up what is she a little jealous that she doesn't have a personal chef and assistants.

Jen said...

Yeah that's kind of what I thought too about the jealousy part. But that chick addresses that on her blog. There was just way too much to post. And I guess Kate uses the "I had eight kids" card a lot. But still. She does.

And I think you and I feel the same way about passing ANY basketballs through our canals. Ewww.

Kathryn said...

First of all they are more like footballs with limbs and second of all... It was her choice to have children and its not like she works!!! She is constantly bitching and sometimes that gets so annoying. I really have no sympathy because it seems like everyone that gets invetro fertilization have multiple births and then they act all shocked... I just feel that she should shut her mouth and be happy that she has those children because what about all those women out there that can't have babies and also can't afford those treatments. on the other hand i feel really lame talking about a women who is famous for pushing babies out of her vajay!!!

Jen said...

Ha! Footballs with limbs. Babies are weird.

Yeah I was going to mention that it was her choice, and that's kind of what she was getting herself into with in vitro (although sextuplets are rare) but I didn't want to piss off the pro-lifers.

I agree with you kathryn. And word to feeling weird about talking about a women who is famous for pushing kids out her vajay. Let's stop.

Anonymous said...

Um, she didn't push anything out of her "vajay"...she had cesarean sections.

Jen said...

Well now she doesn't have that going for her.

Anonymous said...

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